Sacred Birman Cattery

Our Sacred Birman Cattery

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Hello! I'm Eleonora, I'm 21 years old and I live in Lucca, in Toscany, with my family, 2 akita inu dogs and some wonderful sacred birman cats

My passion for those amazing cats started on the summer of 2004, when I was 13. I saw on a paper some photos of a beautiful cat with blue eyes. I felt in love, so I asked my parents to have a sacred birman cat.

On September, there was a show in Livorno, and we decided to go, in order to have the possibility to see the birman cats in person and maybe take some breedsacro di birmania seal point ers' number. Once we were arrived, there were lots of nice cats, but for me the most beautiful was her: DORJE LING INDRA - ARII. She was a little ball of fur, 4 and half months old. She was born on April 25,like me! It was love at first sight! Whilst my parents were talking with Indra's breeder, Marilena Cavelli, I was cuddle her and she was purring and kissing me. In less time than it takes to say it, we were back on our way to home. The very first night that we spent togheter, she came to sleep on my pillow. Since then we are inseparable. She is my shadow, and the relationship that we have is absolutly unique.

When she was one year old, we decided to let her have babies. On her first litters, 5 babies were born. Between them there was only one cream male. My mother felt in love with him because he talked to her. We couldn't give him away. So Dorje Ling Lord Hamilton stayed with us. He is a super sweet sacred birman cat, and he is my mum's cat.

During the years Indra gots other kittens. Between them we kept Dorje ling Pin Up, a playful blue tasacro di birmania blue tortie pointbby girl.

Meanwhile,with Marilena's help, we were attendig at the shows and we were learning more about sacred birman cats. So in 2010, I decided to breed with my own affix: kin-narah. I will never thank Marilena enough for everything that she had teached us, and still do, and for the wonderful friendship.

On my first Kin-narah litters, Indra gave birth to another wonderful blue tortie like her: Kin-narah Rubella Ballet. She was becoming everyday nicer, so we decided to keep her. My very first Kin-narah kitten. She is such a special cat to me

Since then, other cats joined us, and other will. Come to meet them!